It’s a Monday…

Rampage 2015

Days of the week are a mystery to me.  Our lives don’t revolve around a standard work week, so when people complain about Mondays, I’m usually like “whoohoo, it’s a travel day today!”

When folks say “TGIF”, I’m like “WHOOHOO, it’s almost Race Day!”  I love race days!

Today is bittersweet, it’s a Monday, the last Monday before the last race of the year. This time of year, my mind is always ramped up with “Now, What?”  It’s not that we don’t have plans for the next few months, but this always feels like the end.  And I hate endings.

The race season has been accomplished, busy, challenging, dreamlike, exhausting, finished, genius, honest, inspired, joblike, kinetic, loved, magical, natural, obsessive, passionate, quiet, rewarding, successful, treasured, unique, victorious, winsome, yet, oh so zectacular!  (I ran out of ideas for letters 🙂 I am a huge fan of our racers, rockcrawlers, marketing partners, spectators and staff.  Without each and everyone of you, our lives would be less fullfulling.  Thank you for all you do for us, for supporting our dreams.

Rich has a new pitch when someone asks him what he does, he says he provides an adrenalin filled event for competitors in rock sports that want to have fun and enjoy their lives.  What do you think?  Is that an accurate description?  I know it’s only Monday, but I’m already looking forward to Thank God It’s Friday…race day cometh!


Day 79 – Is my weekend over yet?

fridayWhew!, we made it, the weekend is finally over.  You know every weekend we work hard, I laugh when people say TGIF, I think the same thing, but only because that means everyone is coming together for an event.  I love how hard we work and the people we get to spend it with in the offroad world.

This past weekend was a little bit different, my daughter Kayla opened her pizza truck on Friday night at the Relay for Life event with a second opening scheduled for 9 a.m. on Saturday at the Farmer’s Market.  We spent most of the week dealing with details, bank accounts, shopping, licensing, etc.  Mom was on hand to get through the little stuff, the business stuff.  On Thursday, we hit the stores and bought food supplies, ready to prep, prep, prep.  Five kinds of dough were made, including Original, Gluten-free, Whole Wheat, Sourdough and Parmesan; seven sauces were made, including Marinara, Garlic Cream, Alfredo, Ranch, BBQ, Pesto Cream and Vegan White.  Vegetables were chopped and diced, everything was made to be super clean and shiny.  I love stainless steel.  And then we were ready…almost.

The generator we had purchased to run our food truck world was struggling to keep up, this was already the second purchase, the first had been returned.  At the last minute, my resourceful husband arranged a rental generator so she could proceed with the opening.  It should have worked flawlessly, but alas, it was not meant to be, each pizza had to be run through the conveyor twice to complete the baking process.  Not ideal, but it worked.  I love how with a little thought, a lot of hard work, some creativity, all challenges can be overcome.

So proud of Kayla, she had a great opening, made great pizza and hopefully created some life long customers.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported her.  Special thanks to my husband, Rich, and his buddy, Drew for dropping everything to rescue her when it was necessary.  I always think my weekends are whirlwind, but they are nothing like how this one was.  I am so glad I’m not in the food service industry everyday.