Day 237 – It’s Official

Website Both LogoYep, it’s Official, our race season has begun.  Friday’s race was the official start of the season and close of the off-season.  Since I began blogging, we’ve mostly been in the off-season, the races were pretty much done and we were just working the shows.  Now my daily life will be filled with travel and details regarding our race series.

We promote two National sanctioning bodies, W.E. Rock has been around since 2005, it’s pre-cursor was CalRocs, which still exists today.  W.E. Rock stands for World Extreme Rock Crawling.  We promote rock crawls all over the country in two series, East and West.  There are three events in each. This year’s schedule includes Congress, AZ; Cedar City, UT; and Goldendale, WA for the West – in the East we are in Dayton, TN twice and Attica, IN.  Rock crawling is a four-wheel drive trials type event.

Our second series is called Dirt Riot, it is a four-wheel drive endurance race.  We have several classes that race for one, two or three hours.  We have four series of events for that, a south-east with events in Auburn, AL; Birmingham, AL and Union Point, GA; the Central series includes Bryan, TX; Altus, OK and Fredericksburg, TX; the Southwest series includes Congress, AZ; Cedar City, UT and Cortez, CO and the final series in the Mountain series in Moab, UT, Colorado Springs, CO and Cortez, CO.

We spend the year running up and down the freeway beginning today, the season is on and I’m excited.  I love that we get to see the country that way.  The TajMaHauler (our semi truck) is ready, we are ready, the racers are ready.  Let’s get this party started!


Day 324 – Baja, 2012, Day Three

It’s race day, I didn’t sleep last night, probably in anticipation, since I know I won’t get to sleep tonight.  My last all nighter was Grand Nationals in Tennessee, one of these days I’ll figure out I’m too old for this.  My driver went to bed early and seemed to sleep well, so that’s a good thing.  There are lots of places to follow the race, but these are the places that we will be with the #401, class 4 car:

Race the World – Baja California – first half of the race

Race the World – Baja California Sur – second half of the race

Our spot tracker will post updates here at TajMahauler – this includes tweets

More info on Facebook at Shaffer-Motorsports

And the following are Spot Trackers for various members of the Chase teams so you can see where they are, this is our Spot, Berne’s, John’s, Shawn’s, and Mike’s.

Wish us luck – it’s going to be a fun 30+ hours against the elements that Mexico can throw at you.

From yesterday:

Contingency is one of my favorite parts about races in Mexico, or desert races in general.  A route is set up through a vendor area in which all cars must pass.  This is an opportunity for the public to see the race cars and trucks, to get posters and stickers.  In Mexico is the place to party.  It lasts all day, here in Ensenada, it’s a four block long affair, thousands of locals poured in to a small area, add to that the race teams and the people from the Carnival cruise line currently in port and there a just a ton of people milling about.  The food and beer are plentiful, the atmosphere is fun.  We cruise through looking for people we know, and there are plenty of those.  Monster and Speed Energy have hosted parties this week for their sponsored drivers, the shops have been busy, Ensenada is bustling, just as the small towns along the way will be too.