Day 161 – Crazy Fun

colorrunI am fortunate enough to be acquainted with some crazy people, you know the type, always calling attention to themselves, even when it’s unintentional.  I live with a couple of those on the road, both Big and Josh could be described that way.  I am the quiet one of the bunch, not to say I don’t have a good time, but I can’t manage to play quite like they do.  When I left for California, I said, in my outside voice, “Ok, you have three days, a birthday, and a $1,000 spending limit – you need to behave.”  But that was the only stipulation I put on them.  They tend to tone down some when I’m around, I never know what kind of calls to expect when I’m gone.

By the end of the first 24 hours they had been cut off by the bartender, prayed for by a stranger and one of them had almost puked and not because of alcohol.  They are just those kind of guys.

I have girls that I like to be around that are similar, today I got an invitation to join a Color Run in Colorado Springs.  Now, I don’t know if they were just being nice in inviting me, but I am thrilled that they did.  These girls are the kind that have a party wherever they go, and to get to be a part of the party makes me feel all kinds of special.

The hardest part about this group, so far, was deciding on a team name that wouldn’t offend anyone.  I am not always successful, but I really work hard at trying not to offend, it’s not always easy, but I try.  So here are some of the fabulous names that were suggested:  Team Birthday Bitches; Team Aren’t We Fabulous, Team Me and My Colored Bitches, Team Color Commentary.  I had to draw the line at Me and My Colored Bitches, I just couldn’t imagine what anyone not at the Color Run would think of that – fortunately, there are some awesome girls in the group who kept working on ideas – we are Team Too Too Fabulous – oh, and that’s because they think we need to wear tutus on this adventure, my ass should never be showcased in a tutu – but I’m in anyway.  I am so looking forward to this, it isn’t until September, but how much fun will this weekend be!  Thanks for the invite!



Day 237 – It’s Official

Website Both LogoYep, it’s Official, our race season has begun.  Friday’s race was the official start of the season and close of the off-season.  Since I began blogging, we’ve mostly been in the off-season, the races were pretty much done and we were just working the shows.  Now my daily life will be filled with travel and details regarding our race series.

We promote two National sanctioning bodies, W.E. Rock has been around since 2005, it’s pre-cursor was CalRocs, which still exists today.  W.E. Rock stands for World Extreme Rock Crawling.  We promote rock crawls all over the country in two series, East and West.  There are three events in each. This year’s schedule includes Congress, AZ; Cedar City, UT; and Goldendale, WA for the West – in the East we are in Dayton, TN twice and Attica, IN.  Rock crawling is a four-wheel drive trials type event.

Our second series is called Dirt Riot, it is a four-wheel drive endurance race.  We have several classes that race for one, two or three hours.  We have four series of events for that, a south-east with events in Auburn, AL; Birmingham, AL and Union Point, GA; the Central series includes Bryan, TX; Altus, OK and Fredericksburg, TX; the Southwest series includes Congress, AZ; Cedar City, UT and Cortez, CO and the final series in the Mountain series in Moab, UT, Colorado Springs, CO and Cortez, CO.

We spend the year running up and down the freeway beginning today, the season is on and I’m excited.  I love that we get to see the country that way.  The TajMaHauler (our semi truck) is ready, we are ready, the racers are ready.  Let’s get this party started!