My three words

LiveI’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, I’m too busy writing new goals every week or month during the year, I save new year’s for reflection.  It’s my moment to look back at the prior year with gratitude. My favorite tradition is to write New Year’s cards to those who had an impact on my life.  There are always so many, I’m sure I leave someone out.  I have so much to be thankful for, the new year is a good time to share that.

So, no New Year’s Resolutions for me, instead I am following a number of writers who suggest identifying three words that carry you through your year.  Three words that help me to focus, to stay on track, to get things done.  It took a week, but finally the three words just ran in to my head and they simply won’t leave.

Really, I’ve tried, but those same three words keep assaulting me, every where I go, I see an application.  In the morning when I wake, at least one of the words jumps up to say “look at me!”  I’m excited for the year ahead, just having identified my words will help me to stay on track.

My three words are:

Abundance • Energy • Intention

My life has so much good in it, I am incredibly blessed.  It is filled with wonderous abundance in so many ways.

Energy comes in so many forms, I find that if I remind myself how much energy I have to tackle all my tasks, it helps me to stay positive and upbeat through even the most droll tasks.

I refuse to just let life pass me by, every day, I live with Intention.  I face the world with intention, each day I know exactly what I want to accomplish, some days it doesn’t all get done, but there is always a goal.

What are your three words?


Day 275 – New Year’s Cards

new yearYears ago I started a tradition that today is hard to follow through with, but I still work on it.  I could never manage to send Christmas cards because life was too busy.  By the time I worked and shopped and made sure Christmas happened for the kids, Christmas cards just continually fell to the back of the list.  So I started sending New Year’s Cards.  These were cards sent to people who had an impact on my life in the previous year.

The message was something like this  “As we start a New Year, it is always important to remember the people who are important to me.  Thank you for having an impact on my life over the past year and for being a part of my world…” and then I personalized it.  These cards went to people that I worked with, my bosses, people that called me at just the right time, folks that I volunteered with, just those people who made a positive impact.  I tried really hard to think about the whole year, not just the previous quarter.

Sometimes the cards went to my kid’s teacher, sometimes to a local cop, sometimes to the mayor or the newspaper editor.  Mostly it was the people closest to me, it falls in with the Thanksgiving emails I still send.  Now, I can’t just send normal cards, I make cards all year long to send as New Year’s cards.  My favorite part about the experience is the thank you’s I get for essentially sending thank you’s out.  It’s kind of funny like that.

It used to be I sat and watched the Rose Parade in my jammies while I wrote the cards.  Now I’m at the Rose Parade and I don’t have a tv, so it’s a little harder to get my cards done, but I’m determined. They may not get mailed until February, but they will get mailed.  My goal was to give respect and appreciation, what I found happens is that it brightens someone’s day, and I love that.  What have you done to brighten someone’s day today?