Day 241 – King of the Hammers T-3

millerLadies Night on the Lakebed!  Each year Miller Electric provides a night of fun and welding for the ladies hanging out in the desert.  I attended tonight’s event, and what a good time we had.  First off, they build our confidence, we are reminded that women make better TIG welders, that the same amount of education it takes to become a nurse will get you a career in welding, that if you have fun with it, your husbands probably will too.

They designed a business card holder and a flower pot for us to build tonight, we got to MIG weld, TIG weld and to use the plasma cutter.  All take a little bit different skills.  I love the plasma cutter, but man is it quick, if you blow it, you’ve probably blown right through your piece.

My best part of tonight, aside from getting to make some new friends, was when the MIG welding guy told me I had the best bead.  Yeah me! and I got to do something new, I haven’t TIG welded before.

The rest of KOH was exciting today, the whole day was spent on qualifying.  Eighty guys ran the short course, some looking for a spot in the main race, others just establishing their start position.  Lots of good stuff happening, tomorrow will be more of the same.  I’m so happy to be out here with the thousands of people who are here to have a great time.  The next few days are going to be epic.