Photos in an unscripted life

Do you ever just have a day that is beautiful…from start to finish, today was awesome.  I captured a few of the things I saw today that just made me smile.  I hope you enjoy.

Trippin’ the Americas

Travel has always been a priority with me, fortunately I found someone who shares, not only my love of travel, but my travel style.  You see, we like to absorb a culture, not just pick up on what is being offered to us commercially.  We stroll the streets and neighborhoods, we seek out local flavor, we want to live in the green spaces.  Concrete is not our friend, and doing what everyone else is doing?  That is so not us.  We sometimes call it speed touring, we cover a lot of miles when we travel, in our quest to see it all, sometimes you have to keep moving.

quotescover-JPG-14Because we are observers of life, we pick up on things that most don’t.  We eavesdrop on conversations, not deliberately, but just to know where people’s heads are.  As we walked the streets of Boston last week, it would have been so much fun to have a tape recorder just to catch the snippets.  Things overheard included these types of words:

“So exactly where does the Underground Railroad come out?” heard outside the African American Meeting House.

“No, I have my phone off, that way when I turn it on and see some text messages, I can feel good about myself.  If it’s on all day and no one texts me, that will make me feel bad, so I only turn it on when I choose to.”  Heard on a walking path in a National Park.

People amaze me some days, some in their stupidity – yes, I said it; others in their lack of interest in what is around them.  Most in their self absorbance.  I’m not perfect by any means, if you ever hear my husband say with a sweet lilt, “I looove you,” and he’s laughing, it’s because I have let my inner blonde show again.  It happens often, my brain just doesn’t absorb a pattern around me, I am always lost, I read signs the way I want to read them, not necessarily how they are written. These kinds of things happen a lot.

But, I digress, my point is that travel is important.  Get off the beaten path, look at the neighborhoods, look at the lives being lived.  Talk to people, ask them why, show an interest.  Our favorite parts are when we get to hear someone’s story.  When I started writing in 2011, it was because we were travelling full time, that was the start of our real story.  That was when I realized we could share with others some of the cool things that we see.  My blog was Trippin’ the Americas, it is still active, and going to be more so.  We still see some amazing things, we still eat at some amazing places and take some great photos.  I will be featuring places to eat and things to see, roads to travel.  My goal is posting twice a week there and twice a week here, but I could use your help getting my readership up.  Stop over and see what we see, it will be undergoing a facelift soon, but the posts are still good and easy to find.


Day 111 – What a wonderful week it has been

I love coming to Colorado Springs…we know so many great people here that every night is a party.  Well, maybe not a party, but at least good conversation.  Since we got in to town, we’ve spent every evening with a different friend catching up and telling stories.

conversationLast night, I got to visit my friend Mel, or Roxy, or Cookie…it doesn’t really matter what name she goes by (although Cookie is the dog) she is a hoot!  She and I have a couple of things in common, we are both part of the racing scene, we both make lousy spectators, and we are both in to upcycling.  Although, I have to be honest, she actually does it, I just plan to do it.  Their little two bedroom home is adorable, every room is remodeled and painted and there are pieces of previous junk that have been made to be beautiful everywhere.  It was a great evening for some lively conversation, thank you so much to both Mel and Robert, and Cookie, after last night, who could forget Cookie.

The night before, we stopped by Crade and Michelle’s to visit with them and their boys.  I love those little guys, Corben is so serious and studious, and he doesn’t miss a beat; Riley has the most expressive face, filled with freckles and an infectious smile.  So nice to be able to sit and relax with a TV and a couch, we just never get that part in our life.  Thanks also for putting up our Josh, while the “condo” was in for repair.

The night before, the night before, we had a few drinks with a true American Badass.  JT Taylor is a legend in offroad racing, many of my friends admire the hell out of JT, and with good reason.  He’s pretty cool.

The best part of the last three nights are the stories, we all have common friends and common events that we can share.  To be able to tell the stories that come with our lives to people who can   relate is one of the greatest things about our lifestyle.  In addition, the next three nights will be just as great as the rest of our friends come out to the race track and compete, I am really looking forward to seeing them all, it’s like a family reunion every event weekend.  Whoohoo…I’m ready for some racing.


Day 182 – Only Six More Months

Quotes-page-0In just six months I turn the big 5-0.  Yep, time for my 50th birthday, another milestone among many.  I’ve been working hard to prep for that half century mark.  I have taken on more challenges, pushed myself farther, tried new things; but I’ve also been working on letting go of some things.

I have almost 50 years of thoughts and ideas ingrained that are not as healthy as I’d like them to be.  I’ve grown up believing that some people will always support you; that’s not true – instead I believe that you choose your supporters and hold on to them.  I’ve grown up believing that there are limitations to your happiness; that’s not true – instead I believe you choose your happy place, how to be happy.  I’ve grown up believing that there are certain acceptable rules of society, certain ways to live, certain ways to do just about everything; that’s not true either – instead I believe you choose how to live, to your limits, to your expectations.  I’ve grown up believing that there is an inherent good in people and the media and government will share that with you – I’m to the point where I still believe in the good in people, but I will find it myself.

I have chosen a lifestyle, a rambling, wandering, appreciate what you see when you see it lifestyle, and I love it.  In doing that I’ve left behind a lot, things I thought I would miss, but I don’t.  I thought I would carry forward the friendships I had in the same way I had them, you can’t – truly you are out of sight, out of mind.  Instead I’ve made new friends, people not as tied down to the local society.  I thought I would miss having a paycheck, I don’t – instead I have found a way to survive on my intuition and hardwork.  I thought I would miss having “stuff”; I don’t – it is actually very freeing – of time and money – to not have to shop for things.

Probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that life can be lived on my different fronts – you don’t have to choose, but when you do, choose wisely.  Create the life that YOU imagine, even if no one else can see the vision.

At the beginning of this 50th year I set some goals, some I am meeting, some not so much.  That’s okay, it’s my life, I can change the goals as I see fit.  I have 8 new old movies watched; I have 19 new books read; I have 12 new places visited; I have 20 new things tried; if I wasn’t trying to meet some goals …would I have come this far?

With only six months left, I asked some friends on Facebook if I should have a “Birthday Project”  Something that I do for others – I’ve read of people collecting diapers for donations, or shoes – any ideas of what I could do to help others and to celebrate the conclusion of my 50th year?