Day 345 – Woke up in the wrong bed this morning.

Ever had one of those mornings?  Things just aren’t quite right?  Today was one of those, we had an awesome drive yesterday from Cortez to Rangley, really enjoyed it, this morning we woke up in Rangley, me right next to Rich where I belonged, in case you were wondering, We got breakfast, all set for a meeting with some guys who want to build an offroad course.  Only problem is…we were in the wrong city!  Yep, we were supposed to be in Craig, Colorado, not Rangely.  No where in all of our conversations with those guys did we figure that out.  Ninety miles later, we were in Craig.

Travel days

It is fun to visit with guys who share our passion for Rockcrawling, to listen to what they want to build and why.  There are all sorts of courses all over the US that have been built or designed by the WE Rock crew, it’s going to be fun to take from the best of those to build this course.  You can stop in Tucson, AZ; Oroville, CA; Tooele, UT, Ocotilla Wells, CA  to find some of our handiwork.  This past year we went back to natural courses for all of the WE Rock events for 2012 and 2013, but it will be good to work with this crew to get another man-made facility operational for the 2014 season.

This was just another day in the life of my 50th year, not stellar in the overall scheme of things, but some times it’s just how you get from day to day.  Check out the map of our drive this week, we covered some beautiful territory.  And don’t forget to follow this blog, either by logging in to WordPress with the Follow button on top or Follow by email on the left hand side.  Thanks.



Day 357 – If Racing is Rubbin’ and Rubbin’ Feels Good, then Racing Feels Good

Today I want to say THANK YOU to all the teams, families, pets, spectators, marketing sponsors, volunteers, staff, etc. who let us do what we do.  Saturday was an incredible day spent with hundreds of our friends enjoying our favorite activities, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I know I’ve said this before, but I love my lifestyle, to get to spend time in the great outdoors, enjoying the weather (and there is Always weather), making something good happen, what is better than that?

The aftermath of Race Day

Our race teams are like family, so entwined in our lives that you can’t really separate them, we feel their losses as personally as we feel our own, we share their joys as well.  All of you are why we keep doing what we do.  The new schedule is our for 2013 and we are excited, excited to be able to be on the road, excited to be able to be with all of you, excited to share another two dozen events with our friends.

And while I’m thanking all of you, thanks Dirt Riot racers for raising $1137 for American Cancer Society, you guys really are fast…and generous – I appreciate it so much.

Everyone, hang in there over the long winter, re-build those cars, get ready for next year, it’s going to be EPIC!  Racing feels GOOD!


p.s. If you want to keep up with us over the winter and what we are up to, click the “Follow” button at the top of your screen

Day 358 – What we do Speaks so Loud it can Never Compete with what we Say

April 1, 2000 I lost my mom to cancer, I was 36, way too young to lose my mother, I still had questions for her, still needed answers, support, there were still too many things to talk about.  In 2005, my community had their first Relay for Life event, it was the beginning of a very good thing in my life.

Relay for Life is an American Cancer Society event, it happens in over 4000 communities around the world.  It began in 1986 by an oncologist, Dr. Gordy Klatt, who wanted to run through the night to support his patients.  It has grown to the largest fundraising event that ACS does.  There are many parts of Relay that I love.  The season is awesome if you live in a small town especially, every week there is another fundraiser to attend, and they run the full gamut, from Bid for Bachelors to car washes; scrapbook crops to Bunko – I love the “season.”  This is our chance to Fight Back – raise money to help fund the cure.

The Relay event itself has some common themes across the country.  There is always a Survivor Lap – at least one lap to Celebrate those that have had cancer and made it through.  After dark, there will be the Luminaria Ceremony.  This is one of those cool things that you have to experience to really get it.  The lights are turned down and luminarias are lit all around the track, it is a solemn, heart filling ceremony, your chance to Remember those we have lost to cancer.


I also enjoy creating luminarias, that’s how I spent a few hours this afternoon, Remembering those who I’ve lost and Celebrating those that are still fighting.

Two weekends ago, we held our Grand National event for W.E. Rock, our drivers and teams were treated to an awards dinner and they responded by contributing $835 to our Relay for Life fundraiser.  On Saturday night this week, we will hold another fundraiser for Relay at our Dirt Riot Nationals – I bet my teams will respond as well there.

I already have my Relay page set up for fundraising, so, if you are so inclined, go on to the American Cancer Society secure donation site here and donate in the name of someone important to you that has had cancer, help us to find the cure.