Day 310 – Random Travels

Travel day – this one to Montana, all the way up the I-15 to near the Canadian border.  We planned lunch so that we could stop at our favorite little spot, Yesterday’s Calf-A, in Dell, Montana.  It was once a one-room school house, the hand painted sign says 1903 to 1963.  The chalkboards and books are still in place.  The tables are community based, so if the place is full, you may be eating with strangers.  I don’t think there are two chairs that match in the whole place.  But, the food, the FOOD, is really why you’re there.  All of it is homemade, the roast beef or pork roast (if available) is the best, and I don’t even like roast beef.  They serve it in a whole or half dinner, or as a hot roast beef sandwich.  I always go for one of the dinners because that comes with a homemade roll, and the rolls are awesome.  Let’s not forget the pie, there are always several varieties available.  What I like best about this place is that everyone is passing through.  There are only 35 people who live in Dell, so aside from the girls who work there, almost all of the customers are either headed North or South.  There is always lots of conversation about the condition of the freeway, and generally some talk about cattle.  That one I haven’t figured out yet, but it is always a common theme.

On an unrelated note, have you seen the new Coke machines?  Ok, maybe not so new, according to Wikipedia, they’ve been available since 2009, but they just got to the Mountain West.  The Freestyle machine combines your base soft-drink product with a variety of flavors.  I love Vanilla Diet Coke, which of course, they don’t bottle anymore, so I think the Freestyle is a great thing, the opportunity to make it myself.  Of course, it might be important to actually have Diet Coke available first, right Beef O’Brady’s?