Boston Pops

flagWhere better to enjoy Independence Day than in the city where the birth of our country began?  Boston is beautiful, it is also small.  I’ve visited lots of cities and most are overwhelming in their size.  Not so Boston.  The little thumb of land is walkable, ask me how I know?  We have covered all the ground from the Inner Harbor to the Charles River and most points in between.  Yes, there are other districts we haven’t been in, we didn’t make it to Brookline (home to our 35th President); we didn’t make it Fenway Park either, being Giants fans, it just wasn’t necessary.  We did, however, make it to Cambridge and Charlestown, as well as all of the North End, Beacon Hill, the West End and the Esplanade.  It was awesome.

The subway system is great, easy to travel, clean, timely, and will take you anywhere. Two tips for you, Inbound means in towards City Center, Outbound takes you to the edges – this will save you a few trips up and down stairs.  Second tip, if you are going to be there for more than two days, buy the weekly pass.  For $19, you can travel on anything the MBTA offers, including the water shuttle from Charleston to the Long Wharf.

The fireworks were spectacular, and I’ve had a lot of experience with fireworks.  We chose to watch from the Cambridge side of the Charles River.  The Boston Pops performed under the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade, but because that area is so condensed, they pipe the music across the river for all to hear.  We enjoyed the concert surrounded by 500,000 of our closest friends, and then enjoyed the rest of the show.  The pride in America is Boston Strong, so worth being there.


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