Big Bend National Park, Texas

We took a little side trip over to Big Bend National Park over Memorial Day, enjoyed the hiking and the exploring available. If you stop in at the State Park, be sure you have plenty of time. The host at the museum doesn’t appear to get many visitors, he held Rich captive for hours telling him stories while I explored the exhibits.

Trippin' the Americas


A few days off in South Texas with a good running Jeep presents an opportunity not many take.  Perhaps because it is too far off the beaten path, Big Bend National Park is one of the least visited National Parks in the nation.  We are big fans of National Parks, so we made the trip on a rare week off.

Our first stop was our campground, nestled in the valley between Terlingua and Presidio is Lajitas, a wide spot in the road that has been built in to a destination resort.  There is a large RV park with a pool and clubhouse, a hotel, restaurant, shops, golf and horse riding.  They also had an awesome general store with anything you could imagine, including fresh coffee and cheese.  The campground hosts ended up being friends of friends from Montana, I love the small world we live in.

After settling in at…

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