Day -355 – Principles to Live By


Middle of the night mind games. Tonight my head is spinning, there is much to do in the next 48 hours, I have post-it notes all over the wall in front of my desk to remind me, throw in a Chamber luncheon, a trip to the airport, and a hundred drivers to register, it’s no wonder I’m up after 2 a.m.

A few months ago, I was having a similar night. So many things to think about, I decided to get up and write them down. The simple act of taking it out of my brain and putting it on paper sometimes helps me sleep. My idea book was close at hand (as opposed to my task book – I have notebooks everywhere!) This is what I wrote:

Principles to Live By:
• Do the Right Thing
• Treat All with Respect
• Be kind to my husband and kids
• Nurture friendships with women who have a kindred spirit
• Do things for others that they cannot repay
• Be debt free
• Build businesses that bring others joy
• Be a part of something bigger than myself
• Work with a purpose
• Do not fear failure or success
• Create fans

As I look at these now, I realize how much I believe in them, this is the exact list, no changes made. I don’t always follow them, sometimes I am mean-spirited and selfish, often I am lazy, the fear of failure hinders my actions. But tonight, I believe. I believe that if this was tattooed on my heart, on my hands, in my brain, I could bring about change in the world. These are my principles…what principles do you live by? Have you thought about it?


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