Day -353 – Live With It

I’m a little overwhelmed today.  I launched something this morning that is important to me, and the response is what is overwhelming me.


A few short weeks ago, our friend Jason Swigart, lost his life in a freak accident.  It was one of those things that we all do, but no one thinks about.  He was the passenger in a 4 wheel drive buggy, toodling down the road, control was lost and the passenger side slammed in to a tree.  Jason hit his head, I don’t know if it was on the roll bar or the tree itself, it doesn’t matter.  Slamming in to that tree cost Jason his life.  This, like many offroad accidents might have been prevented with a little bit of time spent on some safety items.

Please understand, I believe in offroad – it is our living, it is our lifestyle, it is our life.  But the unnecessary loss of life gives me pause.  A helmet is your friend, your harness is your friend.  With just the quick addition of these two items, Jason might be with us today.

So please, everybody, Live With It – harnesses and helmets every time!

Join our community and pledge to use your safety gear at

Like our Facebook page and win a helmet for your offroad adventures, get in on the action and help us to spread the word.

Thanks for your help #livewithit




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