Day -351 – Race Day Cometh

I’m stealing this format from a blogger I read today…made me laugh as I have sat through swim meets, soccer matches, theater performances – in various capacities.  All of these with my kids, now in my new life, it’s with our race family.

What goes through your mind on Race Day…checker

The Promoter:

  • Is the course marked well enough?
  • Is anyone coming to compete?
  • I hope I have everything ready
  • I hope their cars are prepped well
  • I want everyone to finish
  • Do we need more water?
  • Oh, look, the 4414 is here
  • Do we need a course watcher on the back side?
  • Damn, I should have picked up some lunchables
  • Another successful day, nobody died

The Volunteer:

  • I hope I can follow the course markings to the spot they want me
  • I wonder how many cars are racing today
  • Did I bring everything?
  • Man, I hope no one breaks down right here
  • Are all the cars going to finish?
  • I should have brought some more waters
  • What rig was that, it looked like a Campbell buggy?
  • I hope no one cuts course right here
  • I wonder if the food vendor will still be open when I get back
  • That was awesome, did you see that pass?

The Racer:

  • Please don’t let me get lost…whew, Josh must have marked the course
  • Damn, did you see all the competition?
  • I hope I have everything ready
  • I prepped the car, what do you want to bet it’s a $4 part that takes me out
  • Please get me to the checkered flag
  • I hope there is extra water at the finish line
  • What the hell is Shipman doing here?
  • OMG, they put a spotter right next to my cheatline
  • Why didn’t I eat before the race, I’m starving
  • Whoohoo, that was the best race ever!!!

Race day cometh….Dirt Riot National Rampage in T-6


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