Blogging 101 – Day two and three combined

quotescover-bright sideVery happy with the feedback I got from my Day One assignment, my favorite was from my mother-in-law, she sent me a quick oneliner email that closed with “Great job, Dear” – made my little cockles sing.  Pleasing someone you respect is always a win!

Day two was to evaluate your blog’s title and tagline…I like mine: Fifty in 365:  What’s in a Year.  The idea started as I was turning 49, I was going to be fifty in 365 days, what did that year look like.  For the record, it was awesome!  Then the next year came, it no longer related to my birthday, so how could I continue to use the same title – turns out it was easy.  Now it’s about setting goals and getting things done.  I can still do fifty things in 365 days, I can still read fifty books in 365 days – it’s all about what is in that year.  Title and tagline approved, moving on.

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

I’ve been wanting to follow other bloggers for awhile, without success, so this was a good lesson for me.  I started with topics.  I added Adventure Travel, Business Plans, Entrepreneur, Bucket List and Japanese Travel (we have a trip coming up.)  Japanese Travel was a bust, so I changed it to Goal Setting.

I added five bloggers to my reader as well.  This was harder than I thought it would be.  Turns out there are a lot of twenty-something bloggers out there that I really have nothing in common with.  My life is not hard, I have not been through lots of trauma, I don’t have to medicate myself, I am not an addict.  Other things I am not:  I am not depressed, I am not unhappy, I am not necessarily interested in current affairs, or public affairs, I don’t watch TV, I rarely go to the movies, I am not a consumer, I don’t have a kitchen (in the traditional sense), I don’t have a home (again, in the traditional sense.)  To find others that think like I do is a little bit rough.  I’m that girl that turns away from violence, traditional news and I eliminate people from my FB newsfeed that whine.  No time for that.  I wouldn’t say I’m a PollyAnna, but I definitely like to look on the bright side.

There must be other fifty-somethings out there blogging for the pure joy of it, I’m hoping I find them.

Credit for the great photo goes to my buddy, Joel Moranton


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