Day -311 – Bucket List

IMG_20140809_103736972Bucket List.  Everyone has one, the things you want to do before you kick the bucket. (If you don’t have one, please get started now!!) Years ago, I changed the name of mine to be a Life List, I’m not so worried about getting things done before I die, but more inclined to want to experience things to enhance my life.  That’s what new experiences are to me, an enhancement, the creation of a memory.

My husband, Rich, checked a big one off his Bucket list this past weekend.  He raced at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway.  Now, he didn’t actually race behind the wheel, that’s not what we do, but he did hold a race in the Big House and he got the run of the place.  He drove the grounds all week and spent time on the track, running down Turn One in a John Deere, running across the track to retrieve a tire, flagged from the flag stand.  He did it all, but most importantly, held a successful event at the biggest off-road motorsports track in the nation.

For 45 years, Crandon has been making history, and now we are a part of that history.  As a team, we got to be part of the Super Challenge Offroad weekend, Dirt Riot, MORR, the sand drags and mud bog were all held on the same weekend.  So happy to have been invited, it was a great week.  I know for Rich is was a highlight in his career as an offroad promoter, and I know it won’t be the last.  He works so hard for so many, and has no idea how many appreciate his efforts.  I am so proud of him.


Day -306 – Marketing for yahoos

lifeHave you noticed that your news feeds, no matter the platform, only seem to show you what you might have looked at already?  It’s making me a little crazy.  Because I read some articles about planning for retirement, when Yahoo sends me my news for the day, there is always one or two articles about retirement.

Because I pinned a couple of quotes about reading and some pins for social marketing, Pinterest peppers my feed with more of the same.

Last week I researched two things, patents and airfares, now, that is what all the ads look like that run as banners or on the right hand side.

On Facebook I clicked on a writer’s conference and a business coach, yep, that’s what the sponsored ads are showing me now.

I get that there are algorithms that tell companies what we look at so that they can advertise to us, but that is not who I am. Yes, I am interested in retirement, patents, airfares, reading and social marketing, writing and business, but that isn’t all that I am interested in.

I am also interested in events and exercise, travel and food, fashion and flair, shoes and bags, business and growth, enameling and computers, writing and vegetables.  So many things, I can’t begin to name them all, and I don’t know what I don’t know.  If my news feeds are so talented, why don’t they introduce me to stuff that I may not have any interest in YET…why don’t they try to show me what is next.

I guess I might be in the minority, when I go online to research a purchase, I buy then too.  I don’t come back later, I get it done.  So explain the logic when I have looked up a hotel room, booked it, then all of a sudden, all the ads are for hotel rooms in that same area.  It’s over by then, I’m not doing that again.

We caved last month and bought underwear from Duluth (which he loves, by the way), now I’m seeing ads from them.  I don’t get it, they have my email now, and I’m a customer, why pay google or yahoo to show me ads when they can email me direct?

Do you see where I’m going?  Those that have me, still are trying to sell me; those that don’t know me yet, I never get to be introduced to.  Marketers, show me something that I don’t know, Ad Agencies, keep me posted, but don’t overdo it.  Those that are feeding me news…give me more, I want to be well rounded, not just focused on one thing.  Oh, unless it is celebrity news, then don’t bother, I really am not interested.0