Day -298 – Just Add Water

IMG_20140729_204116515_HDRThere are few things that give me as much pleasure as water…it doesn’t really matter the form it takes.  Be it as a drink, used to clean up with, or my favorite…a natural flowing body of the wet stuff.

Last night we joined a friend on his boat on the Tennessee River outside of Chattanooga.  I had been uptight all day, not feeling 100% either mentally or physically.  Todd had the boat at the dock when we got there, all we had to do was hop in.  Within minutes, I felt my pulse slow, my blood pressure come down, a calm wash over me.  Water has that effect on me.

The night was beautiful, not too hot, no wind to speak of, and being a Tuesday night, it was quiet.  We launched from the Tennessee River Park and made our way down river to downtown.  They have created quite an expansive area near the museum that is designed for entertainment and activities.  The Hunter Museum grounds on the bluff provide the backdrop to an amphitheater under the bridge; there is a water play area and a huge water fountain.

IMG_20140729_203552373We tied up at the dock and walked up to Tony’s for an awesome Italian dinner, a brief stroll back to the water as the sun was setting, we cruised back to the River Park to load and leave.  But not before we got to enjoy our leisurely trip back up river.

I am reminded often of how much I love this life, the friends we have, the things we get to do.  Thanks to all of them who think to say, “hey, you’re in town…let’s get together.”  Now just add water, and we are set.


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