Day -256 – Coors Brewery

IMAG0694I’m not a complainer – honest – I hate people that find the negative in everything, but there are some days that you know someone is just not doing their best.  In fact, it was way too obvious that our host didn’t want to be on the job.

We visited the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado, “Taste the Rockies” they say, and we did.  Coors is very generous with their beer on their tours.  Three glasses at the end, that’s a whole lot more than we got at the Yuengling Factory last month.  But what we didn’t get was fun.  Apparently, Kyle, our guide, had had enough fun that day.

I am always fascinated by how things are made, Coors is a huge plant – the largest single site brewery in the US.  They also are a zero waste facility, nothing goes in a landfill, that’s pretty cool.  It doesn’t matter if it the waste being shipped to the farms or the cans recycled for future use, nothing goes to the dump.  I like that.  And did you know that one of the Coors family invented the aluminum can and didn’t patent it, because he wanted all companies to use it, that also is pretty cool.

These fun facts I learned by reading the walls, because our guide was whining about what a long day it was.  Three times he said he was ready to go home.  When it was all done, I told everyone who worked there what a lousy job he did.  You see, this is how I look at it.  It doesn’t matter if I was first there today, or last, my time is as valuable as the next guy’s.  I deserve 100% of what he has to give.  But let me be honest, it wasn’t just Kyle.  For a company as big and profitable as Coors, they should be trying to create fans.  That means, maybe everyone shouldn’t have to wait so long for their tour; maybe everyone should be given more information; maybe they should be trying to win us over from the start.  As it is, they have a long way to go.  Sorry Coors, no fans created here, we’re going to drink something else.


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