Day -246 – Person Lift

photo (2)Got to do something new today….people should know better than to leave cool equipment out where we can play with it.

At the race yesterday in Sturgis, Kentucky, Big flagged from a manlift.  It was the only way to get him over the track and keep him out of harms’ way on the short course.  I got an elevated view as well, and had my own scoring tower.  That was fun.

So, it’s Sunday now, we are cleaning up – not too bad, considering it is a shortcourse and I can walk the whole thing easily.  Afternoon arrives and we are hanging out.  Josh offers me a lesson in man lifts.  Sure, why not!

I stepped on to the platform and he starts pushing buttons.  It goes up, it goes sideways, it tilts, it rolls – you can do a lot of stuff on a man lift.  Then it was my turn.

Let’s just say…I wasn’t as smooth as Josh on the controls, but I did all of those things – tilt, up, down, sideways – well, until he told me to watch out for the power lines I was about to crash in to.  Thank goodness for Josh watching out for me.  I guess the man lift is now a person lift too – it holds both men and women, if you gotta be politically correct.


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