Day -220- Greetings from Lake Wedowee

IMAG0674It’s been a tough week, not everything went the way we planned and we ended up with five days off.  That’s not unheard of, but it throws a wrench in the travel plans, it’s not like we have a home to go home to.  So Thursday night, late, I started making some inquiries…here’s my budget for three nights, is your house available?  I heard back from Julie right away, and boy am I glad I did.

I never realized the things I’m missing living on the road in 280 square feet until I moved in to Julie’s house on the lake for a few days.  These are the things I have appreciated the most, in no particular order:

I can go to another room, by myself, if I want

There is a toaster

There is a table to set and have a meal at

There is a bathtub that can be filled with water and sat in

There is a refrigerator that has separate shelves so I don’t have to take everything out of to find something

There is a built-in stereo system that pipes music through the whole house

There is power in every outlet all the time, not just when the generator is running

There is more than one toilet

There is a couch to sit on, and lay on, and nap on

There is a washing machine that I can do laundry, one load at a time

The bed has two sides to it, I can get out on the side instead of over the end and lastly, The view is incredible….oh, wait, I have that one covered almost everywhere I go

I love our life and all the diversity that is in it, but to sit quietly with a book and a beer looking at the lake for a few days was just exactly what I needed to regroup, rethink, replan the rest of the summer.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I can guarantee, I will think of it again.


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