Day -210 – Social Marketing 101

outloud quoteMy life has become one that is lived online…how weird is that.  For years, I would have been described as an introvert, after all, I am an accountant, a career not really known for its’ extroverts.  Then a big thing happened, I joined the Jaycees around my 28th birthday, as shy and retiring as I may have been then, things changed rapidly.  I still enjoyed being by myself, but, I learned how to get along in a group.  Then another Big thing happened, I met my husband, this was almost 20 years later, but Big Rich – the ultimate extrovert, joined my life.  If ever I was going to shatter my shell, this was the time.

My husband is a big goofball, he laughs easily and finds humor in the silliest of things.  He’s also an intellectual and is a very quick wit, not much escapes his notice.  And because his personality is so big, he lives our life out loud.  Facebook is an important part of our world.  It helps us to keep in touch, to share what we see, heck, I even publish my blog on it.  I’m not sure how we got along without it.

Yesterday I created a couple of “groups” on Facebook, it’s an important thing to do, a place to share information with people that have a common interest with you.  Everyone doesn’t have to be friends, so you eliminate the need for that.  Of course, Facebook doesn’t make it easy – you only get to add 50 people in the beginning and they don’t give you a list of friends, you have to try to remember all their names.  If I slighted anyone, believe me, it was unintentional.  I was down to typing “a” “b” and seeing what names it suggested.

And then there is that weird element that gets factored in….I specifically named it WE Rock “Competitors” and Dirt Riot “Competitors” – so why would people who aren’t “competitors” want to join?  I’m still trying to figure that little piece out.

One of the things I appreciate most about living life online, I get to keep up with everyone else too.  I’ve done the smart thing and eliminated the whiners off my newsfeed.  All that are left are those I care about.  It keeps us in touch when something big happens, and amazingly, there is always something.  So, for you Facebook stalkers who never post anything, please know that the rest of us are interested in you too.  Go ahead, take a chance and life your life out loud, with no apologies


…and don’t forget my friend Joel Moranton…these are his photos


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