Day -20 – Leaf Peepin’

octoberI first heard the term “leaf peepers” just last month, talking with some New England friends.  They were getting ready for the traffic, etc. that comes with an influx of tourists, you know, leaf peepers, those that come to see the change in the fall colors.

For days, we’ve been driving through the upper Midwest; Minnesota to Wisconsin to Ohio to Pennsylvania to West Virginia.  The farther we went, the more color we saw.  The leaves are beautiful this time of year, I finally get it.  I know why people travel north in the fall to see the scenery.  There are so many trees covering the mountains, and to see the variety of colors is pretty awe-inspiring.  Now if only the sun would come out and shine on them!

Often, when asked what my favorite color is, my answer has been Sunset.  Not the Crayola color sunset, but the sky color, that light-infused color that only nature makes.  The fall leaves have that same inspired color.  I guess it is a toss up now, what is my favorite color?  Sunset or October?


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