Day -18 – Cleveland Rocks!

IMAG0431We totally had a conundrum today, we were cruising through Ohio on our way to Pennsylvania, and we had a choice to make:  Pro Football Hall of Fame or Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  It was a tough choice, but today, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland won out.

We had been told that we only needed a couple of hours, that was far from the truth!  The Rock Hall is huge, there are six stories and so much to see and do.  Videos, music, mementos, instruments, great displays, it was sensory overload for me.

My music education is not quite as poor as my movie education, but it is still pretty limited.  For the first twenty years, I heard most everything except anything that would be considered “hard.”  My mom had her favorites:  Boots Randolph, The Kingston Trio; my sister was more in to Three Dog Night, The Moody Blues; I listened to oldies and watched American Bandstand.

I can still sing the words to every 50’s; 60’s 70’s pop song, and then I had kids and no longer controlled the media in my house.  For a few years (in my car) I listened to country, some more years with pop music, Journey and Foreigner are still my two favorite bands, although I can belt out some SuperTramp and Little River Band too.

The difference in music styles between my husband and I was never so evident as it was at the Rock Hall.  One of the coolest things they have is a video montage of all the people that have been inducted in to the Hall of Fame, by year.  As we sat through the video, I would sing along to all the songs I knew, if a song came on I didn’t know, invariably, Rich did know it and was singing along to it.  He keeps trying to introduce me to the magic that is a Jimi Hendrix guitar riff, I just don’t get it.

We didn’t manage to see all of the Hall before we had to hit the road again, so next time, we are staying longer and incorporating the Pro Football Hall of Fame in to the mix.  I suppose I can spend a week in Ohio?!?


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