Day 19 – The Color Run

color runThe day I got the invitation to participate in a Color Run in Colorado Springs, I told them, I was in.  Not because I was particularly enamored with doing a 5K, I’ve done them before, but because I was going to do it with some of the most honest, funny, hard working girls I know.

The party weekend was in honor of two birthday girls, best friends that live in different states, although they now own houses next door to each other.  I can see them as Ethel and Lucy gabbing across the fence in their retired years.  Another 20 or so people were invited, 11 of us made the trip.  I came in via Texas, several flew from California, a number drove in from around the state, and Barb, she lives in the neighborhood.

Saturday night we all got together with our husbands at Roxy’s house, Chipotle was catered and we celebrated with a Signature Drink – an alcoholic Cherry Limeade ala Sonic.  So yummy, the smartest thing done that night was starting the party early so we could end early.  Our casting call for the Color Run was 6:30 a.m.

Early Sunday morning, we all showed up dressed for the event.  Black leggings, white tanks that had our “Too Too Fabulous” on the front, and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation logo on the back; necklaces, backpacks, and, of course, tutus.  Each of us dressed in a different color tutu that our backpacks matched.  We were a stylin’ team!

The Color Run bills themselves as the Happiest 5K on the Planet.  They were pretty close to right, I don’t know about the rest of the group, but I had a blast.  We Zumba’d for an hour to get warmed up.  I was totally in to it, another thing I’ve never done before is Zumba.  Rhythm is not my forte, but I’ve got heart, and I love to dance.  Dance we did, I felt like I had run the 5K before we even got started.

After Zumba, they herded us in to the chute and sent us on our way, runners on the left, walkers on the right.  We were on the right.  Three thousand of our closest friends all dressed in bright white clothing, at least for a minute.  A Color Run is one where they throw chalk on you at different places throughout the 3.2 miles, the first color was yellow, then they added blue, next up was pink.  Orange came in somewhere, the mix can be cool looking, or begin to look like dirt.  It all depends on your saturation level.  I was pretty pleased with my outfit at the end.

We all finished the walk together, took a few photos and I headed out to breakfast with my husband who had stood at the finish line with his buddy waiting for me.  My husband is all kinds of supportive, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, he’s there for me.  I am so lucky.

When I got back to the trailer, I was thankful we were staying at a friends who had a shower in his shop.  I undressed from my colorful clothes carefully, trying hard not to spread color everywhere.  Taking off my bra, I found where the chalk had gathered, any place that was the least bit damp was saturated with color.  Purple mostly, the combination of that great blue and pink.  I think it’s the first time ever my husband didn’t want to touch me!

The Color Run was a great experience, not just for the benefit of doing something fun and new, we know how much I love that! But for time spent forging new friendships and solidifying others.  I am forever grateful for being included, and want to thank all the Colored Bitches (see Day 161) for the great weekend!


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