Day 52 – Eating in Chattanooga

sofakingAnyone who knows us, knows that good food must be near by.  We are a family of eaters, and while we will survive on what is at hand, we love good food.  For a foodie, Chattanooga, Tennessee should be a destination place.  There is no shortage of good food in cool locations.

For breakfast we often go to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo for their buffet, the food isn’t spectacular, but it is plentiful and the atmosphere is awesome.  Right across the street, you will find The Terminal.  An odd shaped brick building built on an old siding in the shape of a wedge.  Three stories finds some home brewed beer and an incredible menu.  Start with the Ploughman’s appetizer, it’s delicious breads and cheeses to give you a taste of what is to come.  Plentiful food and great flavors will delight even the most discerning palette.

Another favorite is Nikki’s Drive-Inn, known for their onion rings, we also recommend the gulf shrimp.  Everything is battered and fried, but so very good.  There are a number of rules at Nikki’s, so watch yourself, no putting your feet on the seats, and don’t be trying to take a table if you are by yourself, tables require two minimum.  It’s worth it though, the food is great, and if mama is there, you will be treated to your favorite old tunes on the juke box, ending with Ring of Fire every night.

A newcomer on the block is Sofa King Juicy Burgers.  Only six months old, a sister to an old mainstay, Aretha Frankenstein’s.  Sofa King is just down the street from Nikki’s.  Now to all of you SNL  fans, I salute you, I’m sure you recognized Sofa King right away, I’m a little slow, I didn’t get it.  I thought Couch Potato, I was wrong.  If you are like me and are still wondering…say it fast, Sofa King…or maybe better written So-Fa King Juicy….so f**king juicy.  Like I said, I didn’t get it, like most blondes, I needed it ‘splained to me.  But the important part here, the food is delicious.  I had the hamburger salad, who knew it could be so good, and their milkshakes are made with liquid nitrogen, so they are cold, I mean, really, really cold!

There are a number of sites dedicated to food in Chattanooga, I found Chattavore to be my favorite, good reviews and pictures of some of the best, check them out, they’re local and can lead you to things we haven’t found yet, we only get here for a week at a time.


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