Day 73 – Retail Therapy, kinda…

dress1Shopping is just not the first thing that comes to mind when you arrive in a city like Goldendale, Washington.  Most of the store fronts are empty on Main Street, lots of “We’ve Moved” signs, it looks like everyone moves around to find cheaper real estate.  Although I saw signs advertising $0.69/sq ft, that’s pretty cheap already.

When you go to the local market, everything is a bit over-priced compared to what I find elsewhere, but that is to be expected, we aren’t near anything.  One of the things I ran out of before we got here this week was white paper, for my printer.  So we called our local auto parts store (Terry is our go-to guy) and asked what he suggested.  He recommended the General Store, on Main, across from the Chinese restaurant.  Since we were at the Laundromat around the corner, Josh and I walked over.  The General Store has just about anything you ever thought you might need.  We saw people buying hacksaws and office supplies and birthday supplies, and…truly, whatever you could think of.  Except for white paper, they were out.  Now, keep in mind, I also made copies on their copier, filled with white paper, but when I asked for some, the guy just shook his head, and said, nope, we’re out.  Alrighty, then, I knew I could get it at the local market, but $7.79 for a ream of paper had seemed a little steep, I guess that just depends on how bad you need it.

Next stop was back to the laundry where Rich was keeping an eye on things.  Two minutes in the chair and I was up again, “I’m going next door,” I called as I hit the door.  Next door is an antique shop.  In my previous life, I spent a lot of time around antiques, I appreciate them, admire the craftsmanship, thrill to the unique find, but I don’t buy.  I have no room, but I still like to look.  As I browsed, I found mostly run of the mill stuff, but reasonably priced and things I would love to craft with, again, if I had room.  I made my way to the back of the store and came across something I needed.  Imagine, here I was in Goldendale, Washington, a place with no clothing stores at all, not even a WalMart, and I found a cocktail dress.

I had just told Rich I needed a new dress, we are going to the Off Road Hall of Fame dinner on my 50th birthday, an extension of the Off Road Expo in Pomona.  I wanted a new dress, something to celebrate in, something to dress up in.  The two little black dresses I have left over from my corporate days are boring, I wanted something new.  And there it was, in the back room of an antique store, just off main street in Podunk Washington.  A little black dress (actually more black with gold overlay and SEQUINS) for $20.  Yep, $20, and the best part is, I didn’t have to go to no stinkin’ mall!




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