Day 116 – Writer’s Block

writers blockIt’s been a month since I wrote anything at all.  Not just posted, but wrote.  I have had a severe case of writer’s block, not sure it’s over yet…but I have to start somewhere.  I have a dozen things to write about, but my process has let me down, so I haven’t begun.  Fortunately, at least for me, I wrote down the initial idea, now if I can just get the feeling back that I had when I was experiencing it, that would be awesome.

Maybe my process is flawed, but I have always found that if the first three sentences are written in my head before I sit down at the computer, the rest will flow.  Not so this past month.  Nothing has been in my head, so it doesn’t even occur to me to sit down and write.  I’ve been on my computer plenty, but that is just work related, marking things off my ever changing list of things to do.  No writing, no creative thoughts, no fun.

I love writing, I miss it.  I miss knowing that someone may read what I have to say.  It is satisfying to have “readers”, even more so to have “fans.”  It makes me sad to think I’m missing out.  But I’ve done it to myself.  I’ve had my blog for just over 200 days, I have some subscribers, some regular readers, but not a lot.  Most of my reads are referred from Facebook, where I have a few friends and Big has even more.  So, I disappointed myself when a friend suggested I read someone else’s blog and I realized that a 17 year old had 10+ times as many followers as I did, and she had just begun her blog.  It kind of depressed me.  What was I doing wrong?  And I have just realized, that I am doing nothing wrong.  We all have different influences, different circles…I am happy in mine, I just needed to remember that.

Another of life’s lessons, a reminder that I’m not in competition with others, I am my own voice.  I write for my satisfaction, not that of others.  Like I said, it is satisfying to have readers and fans, but not necessary for the process.  This isn’t about who is more popular, this is about recording my life, my observations, my experiences.  If you enjoy them, I thank you, stick with me, we are going to continue to have a good time and experience life to the fullest.  Life is a journey, I need to remember to Create the Life I Imagine…thanks for helping me with that.



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