Day 152 – Merit Badges for Adults

sisterhoodI am giddy with excitement, for years I was a Girl Scout leader, my favorite part was as a Junior leader when the girls were very focused on goals and earning their badges.  Ok, maybe it was me that was focused on it, but I loved earning badges.  By the end of my years as a Junior leader, my badge book was trashed it had been thumbed through so often.  My girls were experts in many areas, we never cut corners, we always followed the plan all the way through so they actually learned something in the process.

…and now I find out that there are badges for adults, I am so excited.  No, it’s not through the Girl Scouts, it’s through a sisterhood of farm girls.  No laughing here, I know I’m not a farm girl, but I believe in a lot of the same things they do.  I believe the earth provides much of our bounty, I believe that the old ways should not be forgotten, I believe I have an obligation to others to make their lives easier or better.

Last week we were in Lowe’s, again, buying wood stakes for the race course, I was bored so I stopped by the magazine section.  Most of the magazines were how –to’s on how to build something for the home or garden.  Not too realistic for a girl that lives in 280 square feet of a mobile estate, i.e. a semi-truck.  So, I happened upon Mary Janes Farm and picked it up.  Over the course of the next few days, I read it cover to cover, a lot of it is kind of shallow, not in thought, just content – it’s difficult to expand on every topic – no great meat on the bones of the articles, but enough to make you think.  The quilts in the April-May issue were incredible and I loved the homemade crafty stuff, but then again, that is what I enjoy.

So when I found the ad about the Farmgirl Sisterhood, I was intrigued ( – it seemed to celebrate all the things that we farmgirls pride ourselves on.  One of which is getting rewarded (i.e. merit badges) for trying something new and perfecting it.  Just like the Girl Scouts.  I am now a proud new member of the sisterhood, can’t wait to start earning my badges!



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