Day 153 – Rant in Progress

***WARNING*** Rant is progress, I don’t normally spout political views, but I’ve had enough; if you want to view me as the Pollyanna I am, skip this post, you may find we don’t agree on a number of topics.

I see very little news in my lifestyle, so imagine my surprise when I saw an “anti-capitalism” rally/riot on tv today.  Where do these folks think the money comes from to provide government services, those are from taxes, that are paid by capitalists.  That’s how I’ve always seen it.  We went to the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham last week, it was a reminder to me that violence isn’t the answer, that respect is what our country needs, respect for all, whether race, creed, color, religion or sexual preference.  When we battle amongst ourselves, we divide our nation.  We take sides that are not worth taking, perhaps instead we should learn tolerance and to coexist with our neighbors.  Perhaps instead we should show patience and listen to the grievances of others and accept them for who they are.

I’m not advocating we allow those that would cause our nation harm to gain the upper hand, I’m not advocating that we relinquish the fight against those who do not believe in America.  What I am asking is that we recognize that we are one nation, One Nation, under God and indivisible, but only, ONLY when we do not ourselves get divided over politics and rights.  Ask yourself, what right is someone asking for that brings you harm, chances are there aren’t any.  Let’s stop fighting amongst ourselves and fight those that wish to oppress us.  Let’s recognize that for two hundred years we’ve managed just fine and stop trying to protect ourselves from ourselves.  Let’s let adults make decisions, let’s keep the inmates from running the asylum, whether in our own homes or in our government offices.  Let’s stop coddling our children and our leaders.  Let’s stand instead against the world that threatens to divide us.

We shouldn’t need a Boston or World Trade Center to remind us that we are all in this together, all we really need to do is remember our history.  Remember where we came from and why.  Did your parents or grandparents emigrate to America?  So why are you so against immigration…..Is your family part of a hunting legacy like mine?  Then why limit what firearms I can own….Did you choose who you wanted to spend your life with and marry them?  Then why not let others do the same?  We need to all rise up and make our own choices, we need to accept who we are and that our world is changing.  Don’t pass laws to protect me from myself, that’s my job, let me suffer the consequences of my own actions, not suffer the consequences because of others.  Let’s remember our history, people, and that we all have the right to vote.  Let’s put people in jobs, let’s preserve our military, let’s live and let live – fight tyranny and oppression, not each other.  Let’s stand as a nation undivided


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