Day 194 – Las Vegas, Baby

vegasLas Vegas, Lost Wages, Sin City, What Happens in Vegas….we all know the city.  There is so much to do in Las Vegas it is hard to get started sometimes.  Casinos, shows, strip clubs, amusement of every variety, all to be had for a few sheckles.  So when I tell you about our time in Vegas, please don’t judge.

We moved the semi from Congress, Arizona up to Cedar City, Utah – met with BLM, a couple more errands, then off to Vegas.  The Mint 400 put on by Best in the Desert is going on this weekend, we are going for the contingency party on Fremont Street.  Always a good time to see friends.

We pulled in to town in the late afternoon, the hotels in town are expensive this week with so much going on.  Monster Jam Finals, Mint 400, Spring Break – the hotel I usually pay $60 was asking $135 – no way was I paying that for a crappy bed.  If I’m paying that much, a Hampton Inn is in order.  I love Hamptons, great beds, breakfast, consistency.   The best price on a Hampton is $94 – only catch, it’s out in Summerlin, not exactly metro Las Vegas, getting around will be a bit inconvenient.

We checked in, then drove Josh down to Fremont Street and dumped him off with some friends, the party was hopping down there.  Rich and I drove back out to our hotel, a quick stop at a 7-11 and we were in for the night.  I should have taken a picture as to what thrills me in Vegas….a bathtub, a pint of ice cream, a big water, and for Big…a remote control.  I was in heaven.  We’ve been on the road since KOH, this is the first night that we weren’t working.

In the morning we went out for a shop visit to a friend who has moved to Vegas from Austin, talked some business then off to the Mint Contingency.  I think I’ve described it before in context of SCORE, the Mint is the same, all the cars have to come down the street to tech, vendors have booths set up all along the way, there is a party atmosphere, lots of excitement.  We spent the day visiting with friends in the industry, old party buddies, teammates and crews, it was a great day.

Topped it off with sushi at a local place beside our hotel and called it a night.  So our Vegas trip probably wasn’t like most, no alcohol, no party, no gambling, no debauchery, but it was just what I needed, a quiet night (or two) and a clean, comfortable room…did I mention a bath, I love a bath.


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