Day 206 – Long, busy Mexican weekend

scoreintWe love going to San Felipe, from the tacos to the shrimp quesadillas, to the Malecon, to the chilequilles at breakfast.  Our favorite restaurants, our favorite people, it is a great little place.

Our friends Roger and Elise Norman have purchased SCORE International, this weekend marks their first event as SCORE.  Roger re-started HDRA last year, so it’s not like it’s his first race as a promoter, just the first one as SCORE.  SCORE has a great reputation as the biggest, baddest race series in Baja, and it is well deserved.  It has a 40 year history in desert racing.  Roger has big shoes to fill in replacing Sal Fish as the head of SCORE.  But what we know about Roger is that he also has great vision and a terrific business culture.

On Thursday, we wandered around getting our pit plan together for the team that we are chasing for.  In the afternoon when we got back to town, we stopped in at the Hacienda Don Jesus which is SCORE headquarters for the event.  My plan was just to say hi to Elise and head out again, I knew they were busy, but as we stepped in to the conference room and saw a number of teams standing around to register and her with little help, I said those little words that I need to practice not saying…could you use some help?  Her smile said it all, I ran and got a taco for lunch (I’m no good when I’m h-angry) and returned to help with registration.

Registration of drivers is something I understand, I do it every week for our competitors and spent 60 hours at KOH doing the same, it’s just one of those things I’m good at.  Sign a few waivers, double check info, collect some money, slap some wristbands on and smile while you do it.  I can keep the drivers laughing through the process so they don’t complain about the wait, and still do the job efficiently.

Stand by for my soap box:   What I don’t understand is people who bitch about having to work.  The girl next to me managed to say “technically we aren’t even open” at least 15 times to drivers, who, I might add, don’t care – nor should they.  In addition, she found the need to huff and puff about any little thing that wasn’t perfect, she and her friend both, who was supposed to be in charge, acted like entitled, spoiled children. People like that make me crazy.  In the race world, whether you are happy to be there or not, the drivers are your product, without them you don’t have a race, so they deserve the utmost respect and consideration AT ALL TIMES!  Yeah, they ask annoying questions, yeah, they show up early and late; yeah, they expect a lot – that’s ok, they deserve it – without them, there is no need for us.

Race week is hectic, it is crazy, it is hours and hours of work, it doesn’t matter what series I’m working for, whether as a volunteer, a paid employee, or an owner, you do whatever it takes to get the job done.  That means extra hours, no days off, nights without sleep.  My best friend used to tell me I could sleep when I’m dead, and right he was.  If you do anything, give it your all, being paid does not mean you are entitled, in fact, it means you should treat your volunteers even better than you expect to be treated.  Oh wait, I think I bitched about that at the Rose Parade too….hmmm…I’m seeing a pattern.

My thanks to the Normans for letting me help, aside from dealing with the couple of people who frustrated me, I loved helping the competitors and hope I get the opportunity to do that again.



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