Day 209 – Monster Party

monsterRight now, my life is about firsts, new experiences, trying new things, going to new places.  It is the growth that comes with discovery that I appreciate.  Last night was a new first for me, probably didn’t add any growth to my psyche, but it sure was fun.

San Felipe, Baja California – Mexico.  Los Arcos was the site of the Monster/Tecate VIP party at the Score International San Felipe 250 and I had a VIP pass.  Now that really doesn’t make me any more special than anyone else who was there, it amounted to a separate (higher) stage to watch the festivities, a little food and a little drink, I just didn’t have to pay for mine.  What I enjoyed most was watching, I’m not a voyeur, but I love to observe people.  It is some of the most fun I ever have.

Last night was no exception, all Mexican race parties have those girls – the cute, young girls dressed in their uniforms – last night had the Monster girls, all raven haired with fish net stockings and 8” skirts; when they weren’t in one spot, the Tecate girls with their red and black checkered flag wear were there.  The men in the arena all want their pictures taken with the girls, and the girls are great posers.  Each one has one look for the camera and one look only.  No genuine smiles, no laughter, just girls on display.

Watching the girls isn’t near as much fun as watching the men around them.  But it’s not just that, in the race world there are probably 12 men for every woman, and I’m being generous.  There are probably 50 men to every single woman, but that doesn’t stop them all from trying.  It is a male ritual that is handed down through generations, it even crosses species.  To watch them preen and pump and try to win the girl, especially in an alcohol fueled situation, cracks my ass up.

The conclusion of the night was typical, I didn’t see any girl leave with any guy she didn’t come with, but no doubt pictures and bragging will go home with the men and giggles will go home with all the girls.  Personally, I had a blast, not having to be part of that scene allows a ton of freedom to just go and enjoy, and I did.


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