Day 223 – Race Day, Auburn, Alabama

rainWe live in a semi-truck trailer, you know the kind, you see them moving down the freeway every day.  They are made of metal on the outside, so listening to rain drops is like sitting in a little metal shed.  The reverberation from the drops is mesmerizing.  I know this because it has rained 3 ½ inches in the last 24 hours.  Every drop of that hitting the roof of the trailer.

The cat sits in the hallway when it rains, it’s the farthest and quietest point from the rain.  You can tell it’s the first race weekend, because we have brought the rain again.  In Texas last year the ranchers offered us bonuses if we’d come back every 90 days and bring the rain with us.  It’s frustrating at times because there isn’t a damn thing you can do about the weather.

First southeast race, first race of the year, first rainstorm.  The fact that those three statements are in the same sentence doesn’t surprise anyone who knows us.  We try to make the best of it.  If we can’t make money, at least we can have some fun.  We built a great race course, put 110% in to making the event great.  Having put together events for years, I know how important it is to give those that do show up your best effort.  So we did.

Our drivers had a great time, the spectators that braved the weather had a great time, the staff had a great time.  We just all had to modify our expectations.  That’s ok, this ain’t our first rodeo.

This event was a little different than most because we had a controversy, we never have a controversy so this was unusual.  It took a little while for the frustration to leave the staff after it was all over and it’s probably good that these kind of things happen on occasion so it reminds us that we have to put all the rules on paper, we just hope all the people affected end up ok with the decisions made.  One thing I’m sure of, the same situation won’t happen again, and in to each life, a little rain must fall.  I just hope next weekend, it’s not over three inches.



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