Day 233 – Racing Shocks

We’ve spent the last 24 hours parked in front of ADS Off Road Racing Shocks headquarters in east Tucson.  That is not a bad thing.  We have been here because they are installing the Billy Badass, Big Rich approved Dirt Riot Dominator shocks on our XJ.  If you are not a Jeep person, that’s an old style Cherokee, four door, that we use for everything.  We call it our motorized wheelbarrow because it drives all the race course, gets the groceries, does the laundry and hangs out in the back of the semi when we are moving from place to place.

ADS put some customized 2.5” remote reservoir, 7/8” shaft, nitrogen filled emulsion shocks on the front and the rear.  These babies are prototypes that we will be able to demo to Cherokee drivers all over the country, we are really excited to try them out.

We’ve always had a really good relationship with Brian Turner at ADS, he is the off-road man; now we’ve gotten to know Steve Kuker, the owner as well.  We are lucky to have such good people in the offroad industry.  In fact, one of my favorite parts is to get to know the business owners that are making things happen.  Offroad is 80% mom and pop and 20% corporate.  Even the mom’s and pop’s can be multi-million $ businesses, but they are still just real people.  People that you can go out and have a meal with, a Diet Coke, maybe a beer.  People with a passion.  Thanks ADS for hooking us up, we are excited to begin a partnership with you.

For more information about ADS, visit their website at or my other blog


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