Day 240 – King of the Hammers T-2

I know there is a lot of other stuff going on out here on the lakebed, but all I can see is the side of the trailer that says That’s the view from the registration tent window.  In theory, we can see all of the qualifying that went on today, after all, we are in the Red Bull tent and it has windows that look out over the race course.  By in actuality, we never get to look out that window.  The line at registration for pit bands has been so long every hour that we are open, that we barely get time to look up and acknowledge all the people that are there.

I love that our lines are long, it means people are here supporting the racers.  The pit support is outstanding for all of the teams.  Tonight we hung out by the fire pit for a little while after we closed registration and the crowds were huge.

Now, I’m one of the lucky ones, I know hundreds of people out on the lakebed.  Drivers and their families, co-drivers and pit crew.  They come from all aspects of our circles, some are rockcrawlers, some are racers, some are people we camp with.  Often they are people from Anywhere, USA who are just part of the off-road community.  So, imagine my surprise when I really didn’t know many of the folks around the fire pit.  It means we are meeting new people and making new friends on the lakebed.  Love that part.

The Qualifying today was exciting, early in the morning Marcus Gomez, first year racer, beat all of the times from the day before by a full six seconds.  He held the pole position until the Power Hour started.  Power Hour is designed to put ten of the fastest guys through qualifying while it is being shown live on the internet.  There was no disappointment when they started.  The first driver, Jason Scherer, beat Marcos time by over 20 seconds.  Three more also beat his time by the end of the hour.  The starting line up is full of the top names in racing, Shannon Campbell, former King; Robby Gordon, Nascar and Trophy Truck driver; TJ Flores, Class One Driver; Loren Healy, former King; Matt Messer, champion rockcrawler; Derek West, champion rockcrawler and rounding out the top ten are JT Stephens and Randy Slawson.  Now the last two are particularly exciting because they are both LCQ drivers.  They made the trip to the Valley without a spot in the big race.  Because their times were so good, they not only are in the race, but they are off the line in the first five rows.

The KOH race is on Friday beginning at 8:00 a.m.; live coverage can be seen at  Thursday is the Everyman Challenge (EMC), really looking forward to getting to race day.



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