Day 242 – King of the Hammers T-4

The momentum is building, the city is growing, the number of people and motorhomes and tents and buggies have become too numerous to count.  Each morning since we got here 10 days ago, I get up and walk the perimeter.  The fence line is over two miles long around the town, with a spur that goes to the edge of the mountain.  I walk the spur too because it is all up hill and that’s good for me.  There is a spot around the Northeast fence that has no cell coverage, so my Pandora cuts out, but the rest is a great walk.

This morning as I turned around at the end of the spur, I was amazed at what lay below me.  I had thought with it being Monday morning, a bunch of people might have gone back to their real worlds for a few days.  That so is not the case.  The crowds are big and excited.  Every driver and their pit crews are working hard to make sure their cars are ready.  Some are having more luck than others.  Several have rolled, lots have lost transmissions, other parts have broken, one almost burned down.  It is hard to be entered for the big race and know that if the flag drops at this moment to start the race, you aren’t ready yet.  Many teams are working around the clock to get everything together.

Tuesday is the start of the LCQ – these are drivers who have come out here to compete on a short course, just to have the chance to be in the big race.  Kudos to them for taking the chance – only 1 in 6 will make it.




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