Day 243 – King of the Hammers T-5

photoKing of the Motos ran today, oh my gosh, that was brutal.  We watched on the Jumbotron as these guys worked and worked to get over the rock passes.  Congratulations to all of the competitors, whether you finished or not – you deserve a What A Stud!  It is tough enough to watch the four wheel drive buggies go through. But to watch the moto riders have to heave their bikes through it, it was as much upper body strength as anything.

In theory, we only have 88 teams left to register for the rest of the races, but the lines have been out the door for two solid days as we deal with all the pit passes that are being purchased.  I’m tired, we’ve been working hard and smiling through it.  I love being a smiling face, especially for the new drivers.  The ones where this is their first experience at the big event, they all seem a little dazed and confused at the hype and hoopla, I like to be able to ease them through that.  You remember what it was like your first time, well, it’s just like that for a bunch of these guys.

We’ve seen a lot of our friends, which is the best part, in fact, the only reason we do things like this.  I can’t count the number of times we’ve been congratulated on our marriage and thanked for Christmas cards sent.  So far we’ve had the following things brought for us, avocados, bananas, Vodka, a potato and a great photo.  It is great to see people.

Saturday night I got to do something new…Mustard Dog gave me a Chinese Lantern to light and send off.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  Lujan and I did it together and we were supposed to make a wish as we sent it floating upwards.  Of course, by the time it was on its’ way, the only thing I was wishing was that it would rise higher and not light the tents on fire.  We had already burned a hole in the side of the lantern, so we weren’t sure we would be successful, but we were.  Two lanterns flew at the same time and lit up the blackest of nights out here on the desert floor.  It was awesome.


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