Day 245 – King of the Hammers T-7

Seventy-four drivers were registered on this first day of the official race week.  The Main Event is next Friday, in between now and then there are several other events taking place.  The King of the Motos will go off on Sunday, there are forty-five teams registered for that, most of them Pros.  Names that if I was up on motorcycle racing, I probably would recognize.

On Tuesday and Wednesday will be the Last Chance Qualifier, or LCQ.  This event has sixty drivers entered, it’s a short course with a lot at stake.  The top ten drivers with the best times get to be part of the main event, the rest go home.

Thursday sees the Everyman Challenge, or EMC.  I haven’t looked at how many drivers are registered for this one.  These are the stock rigs, the trail rigs that have been modified to meet the safety requirements for racing in a race as tough as this one.

Friday is the main event, KOH, King of the Hammers, this is the daddy of all four-wheel drive races, to some it qualifies as one of the top ten hardest races in the world for any type of motorsport.  On a league with Dakar and the Baja 1000.  There will be 110 entries to this race, one hundred that have spent the year qualifying for the race and the ten that transfer from LCQ.

There are two trails, Backdoor and Chocolate Thunder that will have full recovery teams standing by to help them right themselves and get out of the way should they have trouble.  When we pre-ran the other day, we had our own little trouble on trails that weren’t anywhere close to as hard as the ones needing full time recovery crews.

Before the races begin, I will spend my time making sure the process for the drivers is easy.  That all of the questions get answered, that everyone is happy, then I’ll spend sometime at the campfire listening to their stories, so looking forward to that.


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