Day 249 – King of the Hammers T-11

I woke this morning to the sound of the earth moving, sand being thrown against the side of the trailer by Mariah.  She is kicking up her heels out here on the Lakebed.  The wind is our nemesis, over the weekend it rained, so the lakebed has been kind of still, Mariah started up on Sunday afternoon and hasn’t quit.  Today she had dried out enough of the crust to create an earth movement.

Just a quick update on the building of Hammertown, the day ended Monday with fifty miles of race course marked, another two teams (both from Kentucky) on site, 25 tents of the total of 80 are up, two trash bins, lots of generators got delivered today.  We left the lakebed because the wind was blowing, I get cabin fever having to stay in the trailer, I’d much rather be in the Jeep.  Stay tuned, the city is building.


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