Day 252 – Relationship based businesses

jobOver the last year we have gotten smarter about our scheduling and created some downtime.  Now downtime to you might be a little different than what I consider downtime.  Ours is described as time when we don’t have to be at an event site.  It doesn’t mean that we aren’t working, just that we are working at different things.

Our business is relationship based, people might love to race or rockcrawl, but they keep doing it because of the relationships that are built.  We feel the same way, on a daily basis, we don’t do this for money or travel, we do this for the people we get to see, the relationships we get to build.

Our downtime is spent with people we have built relationships with.  Our friends: they might also own property that we compete on, they might also own companies that we partner with, they might also compete at our events, or might pit for someone’s crew that does compete at our events.  The thing we have in common is that we are friends.  We often make “shop” visits when we are out in the world moving from place to place, we stop and tour a race shop or a business.  That’s where you really get to see what makes people tick, when they talk about their passion.

We know a lot of fabricators, guys who build buggies in their shops.  Sometimes that’s in the garage of their home, sometimes it’s a piece away from home.  Others we know have small businesses, at least from the outside looking in, then when you stop in to see them, you see that it’s really not so small.  Some businesses were started by family decades ago, others are their own dream and passion.  I think these visits are some of my favorite things to do.  Each time, I want to go in with a tape recorder or a video and record the stories they tell, but we are there as friends, not reporters.  So to Currie and Raceline, Bower Media and Bent & Twisted, Munson’s Rod Shop and B&S Trailer Sales and everyone else who takes us in, Thank you for opening up your homes and shops to us, for feeding us, for sharing your heart and passion.  Folks, you can’t fake this, we love what we do, I wish everyone could enjoy their lives as much as we do.


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