Day 260 – Working

callieLast week we ran to Mesa, our plan was to get up in the morning and get out of there, back to the trailer in Temecula, when Charlene asked if I was fixing dinner…oh, yes, I want to.  I love cooking, especially when the recipients are so appreciative.  On top of that, Charlene reminded me that she has great internet.  That was enough to convince us to stay.  A whole day working on high speed internet, a whole day in a real house, a whole day to just work – SOLD!

Callie has been my constant companion today, she is tolerating Piston, but has decided she’s done, I think she’s ready to be in her own space again.  Rich and I spent the day making calls and sending emails, then got to start on some posters for the upcoming season.  I am not a graphic artist, but when you run a small business, you get to learn how to do things you never intended to.

Over the past year I have learned how to design posters, how to set up a store front, how to sell propane conversion systems and wheels and tires, how to make the racing experience great for first timers, how to get by on a shoestring budget, how to make an event look big, how to manage an event that is big.  I’ve learned more about media and impressions and websites than I was ever interested in, now hopefully soon I will get to learn more.

I want to learn to use a CNC cutter to make trophies, I want to weld, I want to design backdrops and host cocktail parties.  I want to design t-shirts and make jewelry, I want to demo our products.  Everyday is a learning experience, I just have to be open to that education.  What education should you be open to?


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