Day 270 – Carnival Splendor Day Two

elegantNo rest for the wicked on our little cruise.  Late night last night followed by an early morning.  As soon as the sun was up, Rich was up too, I sent him to breakfast on his own before I got up to shower, our plan was to meet up before 11.  I headed out to the Scrapbook session, it turned out to be just a meet and greet with a bunch of professional scrapbookers.  These ladies totally knew what they wanted, I was just a wannabe.  Too much pressure, I can’t compete with that, so I bailed and went back to the room, in time to meet Rich and go to an acupuncture seminar.  It was interesting how much information we got from Victoria regarding Chinese medicine in general.  I volunteered to be the acupuncture “victim” to prove that it didn’t hurt, that was a first for me.

At noon we made a great discovery, we attended the cooking demonstration held at the Pinnacle Steakhouse.  Not really sure what to expect, we found some incredible food.  The chefs demonstrated a Mushroom Cappuchino (soup), blue cheese salad, awesome chicken stacked on macaroni and cheese and potato wedges, and tiramisu for dessert.  They served all of the above in small portions to everyone at the demonstration, it all tasted incredible.  The macaroni and cheese was all done with white cheeses with truffle oil added.  I love truffle oil.  Following the great, unexpected meal, we stopped by the Lido deck because our grandson was swimming.  We got to dance and watch the various contests being held.

Following that we found the jazz band, then were lucky enough to find some people we had met the night before.  One of the best things about cruising is the people that are on the boat.  You can be as friendly as you want to be, fortunately for us, we make friends easily.  We enjoyed a couple of hours with Beth and Brian from Oregon and then ran off to get dressed for the Elegant dinner.

Dressed in our best, we made a quick stop for a consultation with the acupuncturist before dinner.  The meals on the ship are always so good, our head waiter, Tip, is friendly and remembers all of our names.  We followed it with birthday cake for Jimmy (that is part of why we are here) and then we headed out again.  The Spectacular theater hosted the Las Vegas themed nightclub show.  Lots of singing and dancing, then we moved to the aft of the ship and took in the comedy stylings of Seth Buchwald.  A quick stop in the Nightclub for a little dancing at the 70’s night, we went back for more adult comedy and then hit the pizza parlor for a late night snack.

I have no idea what time we finally bailed for our room, like I said, no rest for the wicked, Rich keeps us moving constantly.


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