Day 273 – Taking Stock III

50Where does the time go?  I can’t believe it’s been a full quarter since my birthday and time to take stock of my goals again already.  December flew by, there were so many things going on, just add Baja to Thanksgiving to Montana to the Wedding to Christmas to the Rose Parade to New Years and I’m tired just thinking about it.  I’m also really happy it’s all over.  Nothing like piling on stress when you really don’t have to.

Part of my journey through my 50th year is identifying goals that are laid out on my What’s It All About Page and then looking at them monthly to see how I’m doing.  This is what we look like after the first quarter.  To do fifty in the year, I should have 12.5 done already.

  1. Call 50 friends – 4 done; short by 8.5
  2. Make and send 50 cards – 10 done, short by 2.5
  3. Fold 50*20 origami cranes – 0 done, short by 12.5*50
  4. Watch 50 classic movies – 8 done, short by 4.5
  5. Read 50 books – 11 done, short by 1.5
  6. Take 50*7 pictures – 50*4 done, way up
  7. Write 50*7 blogs – 78 done, right on track
  8. Visit 50 new places – 6 done, short by 6.5
  9. Do 50 new things – 9 done, short by 3.5
  10. Write 50 chapters – 12 done, right on track

This is the off season, I really should have more time to work on some of this, it’s just not working out so well.  Time to double my efforts and get to work.  Thank goodness I enjoy all this stuff!


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