Day 278 – Rose Parade Day Four


We had the BEST time at the Rose Palace!  This is Haley after we had placed the last flowers on the float doing her best Jesus imitation.  The gentleman playing Jesus on the float was there too.  I think Hal has it just right though.  The theme for the parade is “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” from the Dr. Seuss book.  The Lutheran Ministries took that very seriously and chose Heaven as a destination.  You can see the stairway behind her in the photo.

Our evening got a little crazy, after the Lutheran float was done, we moved down to the HGTV float.  Lisa is one of my favorite crew chiefs, she is always a little frazzled, but appreciative.  We helped her fix some issues and about when she had it under control, the leads from the Petal Pushers stopped by to see what we were doing and if we could help.  Of course we could help.  It turns out the Wells Fargo float was called as being done, and the the owner of Phoenix Decorating came in and undeclared it.  Turns out she wasn’t happy with the results, there was a major design element missing, mainly flowers.  So for the next couple of hours we popped the heads off from mums and prepped them for the float.  The crew chief, Betsy, was awesome in her thanks.

I love the Rose Parade, the camaraderie, the excitement, the flowers, the detail.  As we were we working on the last float, there was a mom and her two teens who stopped by the Rose Palace, just to take a look.  We recruited them and put them to work with us.  By the end of that, they were convinced to volunteer the next year.  Anyone can do it.  There is no restriction except being over the age of 13.  The shifts are fun and the work is rewarding.  I had taken a break in the mid-afternoon and talked to a group of people waiting for a shift.  They had arrived late and all the spots were filled, so they were waiting for an opening.  I gave them this advice.

Arrive Early, you’ll get placed faster.

Be willing to split up your group if it’s a big one

If they still haven’t placed you, wait until after dinner time, this year that was at 7

Walk on in like you own the place.  If you have your Petal Pusher shirt on, no one is going to ask what your doing

Be observant, if you see a broom lying around and a mess around it, use the broom

Ask what needs done on the float, there is no self-assigning jobs on floats, Ask.

Smile and never argue.  Remember that the crew chiefs have been putting in 16+ hour days everyday, their patience level is a little low.

Stay through all of your shift, they are counting on you.

Tomorrow after the parade, I will post some photos of some of the great floats and if you are wondering whether to get up and watch the parade tomorrow, do it – the best coverage is on HGTV if you have that available.


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