Day 279 – Rose Parade Day Three


Saturday at the Rose Palace is full of people.  There are over 500 volunteers in the building, mulling around, trying to find work to do.  I was working with the Lutheran Hour Ministries float today, mostly slotting volunteers in to jobs.  It is fun to hear their stories, where they’ve come from, why they are here.  But most fun is seeing how eager they are to help.  I so enjoy working with people who have a passion.


In addition to all the volunteers, there is a wedding rehearsal dinner taking place.  The Farmers Insurance float is called the Love Float this year, on New Year’s Day will be a wedding on the top of the float.  That’s almost 20 feet in the air.  The bride and groom have to practice getting off the float, for safety reasons, in 45 seconds or less.  I can’t wait to see what dress the bride has chosen for that task.


And on top of all of those people, there are tours and parties that happen at the Rose Palace on a constant basis.  Tours go on all day and night, folks who dress in their very best to come tramp through a warehouse kept as cold as possible to protect the flowers.  Tonight was also the “sponsor” party.  This is where the VIP’s get an up close and personal look at the floats.  They get a catered meal and cruise through the fire lanes that we try to keep clear of people and things.  I love how the theme is carried out everywhere.  The tables at the reception had the prettiest centerpieces on them.  Everything here is a show, a place for people to say, “wow, how did you do that?”  It is exceptional and so impressive.  I love being a part of it.



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