Day 292 – Authors you might like

authorI got the opportunity to hang out in a book store the other day, how much fun was that!  I miss book stores, while I might read on electronic devices, there is nothing like hanging out around books.  Libraries are fun, but book stores are awesome.  Imagine my excitement when some of my favorite authors had newly published books.

When someone asks you…Who’s your favorite author?  How do you respond?  My first response is always Jasper Fforde.  He has a series of books set in an alternate universe that is based on all of our favorite books, Thursday Next is his heroine, and she is awesome.  His novels make you think and also make you thankful that you are a reader. He has two other sets of books that are as good, one is referred to as the Nursery Crimes series, and recently it was Shades of Gray, all about colors – not the seemingly all-encompassing Fifty Shades (which I have not read), just the one.

My next favorite is Sarah Addison Allen, her books are magic, well, and about magic too, but most importantly, they are feel good books.  I’m always racing to the end to see what happens next.  I love how her books make me feel.

From there, I will read just about anyone.  I enjoy Janet Evanovich, Daniel Hecht, John Dunning, and so many more.  I’m sure I’m forgetting someone important, but who do you say is your favorite?


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