Day 306 – What do you love about the Holidays?

holidaysI don’t know when it started, but sometime in my 20’s, my mom started a new tradition.  She began to buy three angels every Christmas, all exactly the same – one for my tree, one for my sister’s tree and one for her own tree.  After a few years, we finally figured it out and my sister and I started buying three angels as well.  It didn’t take long before our homes were filled with Christmas angels.  After Mom passed away in 2000, Tracie and I continued the tradition, buying just two angels now.

It takes a lot of time to find a unique and different angel each year, but that is part of the fun.  We’ve bought ceramic angels, wood angels, flower angels, angels made from just about any material.  From so many states and countries, wherever we could find something new, we bought.  When I downsized to my 280 square feet, I fully intended to distribute the angels to my friends and family, to spread the love, but I’ve found, I can’t do it.  I love all the angels, most are kept in a box now, but I’m sure that’s what keeps us safe everywhere we go.

In November, we all had something to be thankful for.  A reminder that each one of us has someone or something that we are lucky to have.  I wrote my 30 things down all at once, today I want to share with you 31 things I love about the holidays.  In no particular order:

  1. I love Christmas angels
  2. I love Christmas carols played in all the stores
  3. I love the Bah-humbuggers
  4. I love all things pumpkin
  5. I love thinking all my gifts can be homemade, even when I don’t start thinking about it until December
  6. I love Pinterest Christmas crafts
  7. I love Christmas cookies
  8. I love Christmas parades
  9. I love gift-giving
  10. I love thinking about gift-giving even more
  11. I love Baileys
  12. I love Christmas concerts
  13. I love reading the Sunday ads for gift ideas
  14. I love Christmas morning
  15. I love the Christmas feast
  16. I love giving pajamas to open on Christmas Eve
  17. I love the frantic-ness that is others at Christmas
  18. I love the smell of Christmas baking
  19. I love the Christmas Tree Fantasy (in my hometown)
  20. I love that the holiday season starts with my personal favorite, Thanksgiving
  21. I love making Christmas cards
  22. I love Christmas lights
  23. I love snow covered Christmas mornings
  24. I love kids getting up before dawn on Christmas morning
  25. I love filling Christmas stockings
  26. I love knowing I get to talk to all my family on Christmas day
  27. I love sending Christmas cards
  28. I love Holiday parties that you get to dress up for
  29. I love spending Christmas with my loved ones
  30. I love when Christmas is over
  31. I love sending New Year’s Cards to ring out the old and ring in the new

These are the things I love about Christmas and more, all at once, no doling it out one at a time.  What do you love about the holidays?


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