Day 311 – Challenge Yourself

It seems like everywhere you turn, there are always suggestions on how to live your life.  I have a friend who each month posts a cute little picture that lists at least 30 things to do during the month.  The November suggestions include changing your hair style and going to the library.  My personal favorite was sitting on the floor and reading the dictionary.  Some of the suggestions I try to include in my everyday living, things like forgetting a grudge, opening up to the person I am the closest to, and taking a risk.

Rich would probably say I’m not so good at taking risks, I would argue that I only take calculated risks.  I am a fiscal conservative in almost all respects.  I try to live thrifty most of the time, and then…all of sudden, I will do something silly and BIG.

Like two years ago, I bought three properties, sight unseen.  They were in three different states, Utah, Montana and North Carolina.  The real estate market was such that it seemed like a good idea at the time.  The home in Utah we were able to turn really quickly, the day we finished it, we sold it.

We are now on our way to Montana, and it is a beautiful state, it isn’t called the Big Sky state for nothing.  I just wish that we could spend time here in the summer months, but that’s when we are the busiest. I love the house that I bought, although I don’t intend to live there.  Now that we have finished with the myriad of things we needed to do to finish up the season, we are headed North to finish fixing the house.

At this moment, it has no kitchen, needs some new tile, new carpet and new paint.  Nothing serious is wrong with this house, it just needs some TLC.  Our plan is to spend as much time as necessary to give it that TLC.  I just need to get motivated, the whole project seems a bit overwhelming, after all it’s 4320 square feet of TLC that it needs, and right now I’m missing that motivation. So, if any of you have one of those life suggestions you would like to pass along to boost my motivation, this is the place to share.



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