Day 323 – Baja, 2012, Day Four and Five (so far)

It’s 4:14 a.m., on 11/16, an extension of the day before that began at 8:00 a.m.  We are still awake, and will be for another 15 hours or so.  Right now we are parked at the second Pemex at Visciano, our race car began the race at 12:19 p.m. yesterday.  The IRC tracker hasn’t worked since they left the start line.  At Coco’s corner we were able to get a Spot Tracker mounted on the car.  For two hours the SPOT has been in the same location, RM 470.  That’s not a good sign.  We have chase teams stationed at RM 501 and RM 531 waiting for word.  It’s been a long night already and we are not half way done yet.

The first half of the day was pretty eventful, lots of wrecks by both the cars and the chase teams.  Some of them very serious.  We hate to see that.  La Carrerra Mil or the Baja 1000 is an incredible race, so much time, money and heart goes in to the race.  Our team has at least 25 people in various capacities, Big and I are handling communications, we are talking to chase teams, Weatherman and the race team.  We send messages by Spot tracker/GPS, Facebook and Pirate, not to mention the radio(s) and cell phones, it’s been busy.  When we have a TelCel signal, we are checking all the data so we can share.  It’s a fun job and I am glad we get to do it.

I’m tired and a little rummy, we keep trying to get some rest, but we’re in the XJ so a comfy spot is a little hard to find.  Oops, I think I’m rambling now.  Gonna sit and wait some more and see what happens, our goal is La Paz at RM 1121 – wish us luck, we hope to get there.

Update:  It’s 4:41 a.m., we just heard from the car, they are passing RM 501 and headed to the BFG pit at RM 531.  They rolled at RM 470, all is well, but they lost the SPOT tracker.  So hear we go again, no tracker on the car to figure out where they are.  Damn.


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