Day 332 – Election Day

Whether you are celebrating or lamenting your loss, your candidate of choice may or may not have won yesterday, and honestly, it doesn’t matter now.  Forget the pain and misery of the campaign, the ads, the debates, the differing opinions, again, it doesn’t matter now.  Today is the date to celebrate your country, our right to choose, our right to bitch, our right to do what we think is right.

Remember those that have lost their lives and fought for our freedoms, celebrate that you get a voice, so many country’s citizens do not.  Our President stays the same for the next four years, does that mean anything changes, probably not.  What you didn’t have before, you still don’t.  The only thing a new President brought to the table was the possibility of change.

I am a fiscal conservative, I believe that hard work is the only way to succeed, that self-reliance is a virtue, that we should all live within our means. I’m ok with things like unemployment for those that have lost their jobs, but not ok with welfare for those that refuse to get one.  No one said it would be easy.  I believe in training and education and getting people to work, and if you can’t find a job, make one.  I believe in investment in the little ideas, in building what you want.  I believe in small government and the live and let live principal.  I believe that government should stay out of my personal life, whether I marry, who I marry, whether I have children, who I have them with, those are MY choices.  I believe that whether I carry health insurance is my choice, but if I choose not to, I have to pay for the services I get.

And while I want all those choices for myself, I don’t need to make them, I can marry who I please because I’m not gay, I am too old and don’t have the body parts to make babies anymore, I carry health insurance because it’s not worth the risk to me.  But shouldn’t we all be given the choice.  Because I conform, of my choosing, doesn’t mean everyone should have to.  Perhaps it’s time for the political parties to remove themselves from this side of the debate, as we get more lenient in what we tolerate every day, all we do is polarize our nation with discussions such as these,

Take this day to take stock of your situation, prepare for your future, but trust me, the choice of President is not the end all, be all for the good and bad things in your life.  Choices are made everyday that are of a much more personal nature that will have a larger effect on where you are four years from now then who won the election.

I am Shelley Krehbiel, and I approve this message.


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