Day 333 – Take the last train

We find ourselves in Arizona again, for what feels like the zillionth time this year.  The Arrowhead Bar and Grill at the end of Arizona 62 is our parking lot for the night.  We’ve been here before, lots of times.  We are near Congress and a couple of off-road parks that we use during the season.

The last time we were out here, we had made the long 8 mile trek to the park, those 8 miles take at least 45 minutes in the semi, the road is that bad.  When we were headed back to town in the Jeep, we noticed people on the road.  This is odd, this road goes nowhere, well actually to Baghdad, but for all intents and purposes, nowhere is about right.  After seeing a few people, we finally pulled over and asked what was going on.  Turns out the steam engine was coming through from LA to the Grand Canyon and, as we found as we got further down the tracks, thousands of people had turned out to see it and take pictures.


We ran in to Wickenburg for supplies and got back out to Congress about the time the train arrived.  What we had been expecting was the steam engine under its own power coming down the tracks, what we got was the steam engine being pushed by Amtrak.  Epic fail.

Rich and I rarely argue, but sometimes he manages to piss me off, this was one of those times.  There were so many people there to see the train, and they all appeared happy to do so, My boys chose that moment to yell out the Jeep window, “You’ve been duped!”  I was so mad, I believe that we all have passions and deserve the opportunity to enjoy them without someone messing with our dreams.  I figured those that came out to see the train may not have had the same expectations as we did, so it wasn’t fair to blow away their fantasies by pointing out that Amtrak was doing the work.  For me, this kind of falls in line with honking the car horn at golf courses, I’m not a big fan of that either.


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